Really bad or heavy head lice infestations involving outside agencies, schools or the medical proffession.

With so many things going on at a time of family crisis the last thing people need are head lice adding to the problems.

Really bad or heavy head lice infestations

In some bad heavy head lice infestation cases the lice cause matting of the hair. We have helped in these situations, working with health care providers.

If you have ever experienced anyone with a heavy head lice infestation you would most likely notice. The first thought for many adults, when it comes to head lice is one of embarrassment and disgust. Unfortunately, therefore so many heavy head lice infestations occur in the UK. Neglect through not knowing what to do or who to turn to takes a hold on the person concerned, and sadly the head lice infestation becomes a mess of tangled, matted hair that you can’t get a comb through. This we class as a heavy head lice infestation

Helping families to get rid of head lice

Obviously, family circumstances impact and affect a child or a parent who is struggling to cope with everyday issues. Add to that the problem of a bad head lice infestation into to this complex equation. Not everybody knows what nits, lice and eggs look like, or why they have a constant itchy feeling on the head or the best way to deal with a bad infestation.

The circumstances we have seen have been children being taken into care with bad infestations creating a risk of it spreading to others. We saw a young teenager and she was suspended from school until she managed a bad infestation. We have had adults trying to get back into society struggling to comb their hair due to the mass of lice eggs and debris.

Heavy Head lice infestation
treat lice

Family crisis due to Head lice.

At such crisis points, and to prevent isolation occurring outside agencies may intervene. They listen and offer practical solutions to help as many families as possible.

This may involve a range of care workers Social Services, Health Visitors, Doctors or even Schools. All offer and look for solutions within the community that provide the skills and facilities available. This will then enhance the quality of life for the family or community concerned.

When head lice occur in such a developed heavy infestation there are few places for anyone to turn as this problems. Care facilities and hospitals are overstretched and although they may give advice they do not provide the facility to treat a heavy head lice infestation.

The Clear Hair Team

Our team of nit specialists at Clear Hair Lancashire are used to dealing with bad infestations. Being able to access the right chemical free products and equipment designed for the job.  Our team are caring professionals,  trained as  AirAllé operators by Lice clinics of the UK. We can eradicate the heavy head lice infestation, although it can be more involved than treating a standard case of lice. It can take more time and may involve more than one visit

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Supported a young person to attend the clinic and can’t believe how amazing Maxine was. The service received was 5* and she went above and beyond to help. I would recommend the clinic to anyone
Thanks Maxine

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