Head lice help schools

What to do when you get a letter

  • Check the whole family

    Lice spread fast mostly through head to head contact.

  • Tell close family and friends

    Let those you have been in close contact with know.

  • Take action and treat as soon as you can

    Check first then treat and then comb repeatedly. Keep checking.

  • Act fast and don’t be embarrassed

    Not talking about lice is likely the reason they spread.

How to treat Lice when you get the school  letter.

It’s the letter that every parent dreads when it comes home from school. The teacher has discovered lice in the year group. Therefore the school asks you to check your child and take the proper precautions.

That leads a lot of families to reach for the home remedies to treat lice. We hear of things like tea tree oil, or olive oil. In extreme cases, parents get out the clippers and scissors to remedy the problem that way. The children go into school and everyone then “knows” or assumes that was the source of the outbreak.

But Lice Clinics of the UK is offering a simpler solution at Clear hair Lancashire. It’s different to home treatments as it attacks both the lice and the eggs.

We see lots and lots of parents that are upset

Maxine Brown, the clinic manager, said they do an initial screening of the whole family to see if lice are there. Following that we have progressive treatment options to help the family be lice free including the FDA approved process call the AirAllé.

In some cases it is simply reassurance that there are no lice and it is an itchy scalp.

“If you’re not looking for it and you’re not expecting it, it’s very easy to miss. The nits and the eggs are very small and it’s only when you put them under magnification that it’s obvious what it is.”

“It’s contracted by head-to-head contact,” says Maxine, trying to dispel some of the myths on how to treat lice and how they are spread. “We get parents coming in here and they are just frantic. Clearly they just want to get rid of them and they don’t care how. I see many pretty upset parents. They’re planning on going home and cleaning everything, and it’s not necessary. All you have to do is wash your pillowcases, your sheets and anything you wore in the last 48 hours and that’s really all you have to do — they can’t live off the human head for more than 48 hours.”

The key to treatment is speed and efficacy.

The key is to get them out of our hair and out of the scalp too. Also to make sure that nothing remains of the lice after treatment. Particularly after using Lice Clinics of the UK trademarked treatment that uses a machine that applies heat to the head and scalp and reaches into areas the traditional nit comb might not get after multiple hair brushings.

The 30-minute treatment applies heat to the scalp and causes nits and lice eggs to become dehydrated. That’s followed by a 30- to 60-minute comb-out to remove all the dead eggs and an oil treatment.

One thing we notice is that if the hair is very fine it’s even harder to remove everything, we even have extra fine-tooth nit combs when this is the case.

Treatment Success

The treatment process is so effective that it has a 99 per cent success rate and is guaranteed for up to 14 days following a session.

If we need to know more about how long the lice have been present the Clear Hair team puts the nits on a slide and put it under a magnifying glass and can tell from the stage the bug is in how long they’ve been in the hair.

“The strongest one that was 3mm we pulled off someone’s head was alive for 36 hours after,” said Maxine. ” In general, once you have been free of them for 48 hours you are clear of them, and most of them only last 18 to 24 hours and they’re dead. As they get bigger they get stronger but need to feed more. They feed every three hours and after a few hours they’re barely moving and their legs are twitching and they’re not strong enough to get back on your head.”

They can actually run pretty fast and a second would be enough time to transfer to another head. (yes, we have timed them)

The most alarming thing is the stories you hear in the clinic families that have had them for years tried everything and paid a fortune.

Find out more how we treat lice 

Not only children.

It’s no longer a matter of just children spreading them it can be teenagers and adults just as easily.

The clinic has very strict hygiene protocols and uses consumable treatment heads and items used to avoid any chance of contamination. The clinic in Lancashire treats just one family at a time and the whole place is cleaned between people.

Combing to check before you treat lice.

Its important not to just get the letter and rush out and get a treatment product and simply put it on the hair. Check first if there is evidence of any live lice or eggs.

Use a special fine tooth Nit comb to look in the hair in good light. They are tiny so good eyesight is essential!

Wet the hair or use a detangling spray. Ideal product is The Mousse from Clear Hair

Section the hair first to stop the lice moving as you do this.

The live lice will come out with the comb, the eggs may not they are glued into the hair.

Comb right down from the root of the hair to the ends. Wipe on a tissue with each pass

Treat lice

The live eggs are closer to the scalp and the empty egg sacs can be right down the hair shaft.

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