Fashion Guru Susanne (Trinny and Susanna Fame) admits to having super lice and seeking a Professional Head Lice Treatments

The horror of having Head Lice (Nits)

How a TV presenter came to seek a Professional Head Lice Treatments

Fashion advisor Susannah of Trinny and Susannah fame and What Not To Wear has come clean and said she has been suffering with a new breed of head lice that she has not been able to get rid of for three years.

The TV presenter and author said that she had caught a “new breed of super-louse” that was resistant to chemical treatment that had left her feeling humiliated.

Speaking in The Mail On Sunday she said: “Not only am I suffering the shame of a full-blown infestation, the sort of thing associated with unkempt children in the primary-school playground, my nits have so far lasted three long years.”

The mother-of-three has had her hair “professionally” treated to get rid of the head lice and wrote that “so far as I’m concerned, a nit-free future for me and for my family means this is money well spent”.

Susanna Nits