How to treat Lice and Nits the clear hair way

Airalle at Clear Hair

Belt and Braces 3 part Regime

  • Check
  • Treat with Airalle hot air
  • Complete with a full comb out

How to treat Lice is the most common search in the media. We have asked our clients “what do you search for.”?

The questions people search are

  • How to treat Lice
  • Whats the best way to treat Lice
  • How to get rid of lice eggs?
  • Best Treatment for head lice

So we are sharing how we achieve the results we have and how we are confident to guarantee our treatment


We check the hair to make sure lice or eggs are present. If not we will not treat.


The Procedure covers all the hair surface with first the patented dehydrating heat treatment. This ensures that the eggs are dehydrated and therefore can not continue the cycle.

The hair is the combed thoroughly in sections to remove the “dead” lice and eggs. Long thick hair is the most difficult to treat and be thorough.


Finally a treatment of our oil solution conditions the hair and scalp and is the final belt and braces treatment. This is washed off at home giving you a wonderful clear hair feel when you dry and style the hair.

Our answer the the the request how to treat lice is simply to come and see us and be sure you have clear hair

About our service

  • Families

    We only have one group in the clinic at any one time so you will not meet other people. The timing allows us to clear up and restock between groups.

  • Friendly

    All our staff are friendly and we are used to treating “enthusiastic” or “reluctant” clients. You are welcome to sit in peace and enjoy our magazines and coffee whilst you wait.

  • Timings and Cost

    The full treatment takes between 1 hour to 1.5 hours so expect to be here that long. We can treat a maximum of two clients at the same time

  • Parking

    We have a FREE car park facility next to the clinic.

What people say

I came into the clinic sceptical about the results as I had tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the lice in my 5 year old daughters curly hair. But, it worked we now do have clear hair!

Ruth Bury

Our family came in after reading about the new treatment in the news. WE had been battling with the problem for about 2 years and all the girls wear the hibjab which meant they were always itching under it. WE all got treated in one session. Staff were super friendly and helpful and we are now well educated in having Clear Hair.

Aisha Blackburn

I saw the clinic on Facebook and pestered my mum to take me. I have had lice for well over two years and my mum and me both hate keep on treating them. After the trip my hair actually felt different easier to comb and so much nicer. I now have Clear Hair