Career in Nits at 50

Career in Nits

Nitty at Fifty – A Career in Nits

A Career in Nits. If there is a single word that describes the difference in my life since I turned 50 it must be ‘Nits’ or at least a career in Nits. After all, there are some professions that are better suited to a late start than others, so I thought why not!! I put away my dreams of being a ‘super nanny’ away to becoming a ‘nit specialist’.

Take advantages of what you have learnt

Taking advantage of my age, life experiences as a mother, nursery nurse and a nanny I decided to explore the world of Head Lice and Nits. Head Lice is a common health problem that had always interested me for many years.

Retraining can be an excellent way to reaffirm your usefulness and introduce you to a very rewarding experience. In my case how to destroy Head Lice and their eggs. Yikes, Lice!!

A Career in Nits is not something that should fill you with dread

Don’t look at this subject with dread, as Head Lice have been around since time began. During my school years combatting Head Lice was a job for Nitty Nora – The Bug Explorer! She certainly had a career in Nits. Remembering every school class lining up to see the lady in a white coat, was quite scary back then.

It was certainly much more of a chore for the girls than it was for the boys, and one thing that sticks in my memory is the disgusting smell of the ‘Head Lice Potion’, that my mum put on if I was sent home with a letter, and the feeling of embarrassment, when my friends found out, and their mum had told them not to sit next to me in class.  Is your head itching yet??

Sadly ‘Nitty Nora’ finally retired as her career in Nits came to an end and so everyone had to deal with this common problem by themselves, that is until now.

Great Ideas

Sometimes you find a great idea and think to yourself I can do that but then realize somebody else has already done it. Finding Clear Hair UK and managing Clear Hair Lancashire was brilliant as nobody else had introduced this revolutionary FDA cleared AirAlle device in Lancashire before. A successful guaranteed treatment, as I call the ‘nit destroying machine’. Adding a much needed unique health service to the area has been fantastic from day one, people are so happy to find a ‘nit clinic’ and finally be ‘Nit free’.

Having Empathy

I have empathy for those that have to suffer from the problem of Head Lice. So when I finish treating someone I feel extremely motivated to carry on eradicating this very common, pest!!

I do have a very simple message, that I would like everyone to share following my experiences and that is ‘Be Nice About Head Lice’ and remember ‘Anyone can get Head Lice’.